Environmental Policy

The company adheres to a stringent quality assurance policy to ensure all work is carried out to the highest standard. Flexibility and Quality have been the key marks which have over the years formed the basis of our company policy and attitude to our prestigious client list.

The company is owned, by Daniel Griffith who has many years “hands on” experience and who has over the years invested constantly in the latest equipment and operational methods.

This unique combination means that the company is small enough not only to retain flexibility and close personal relations with our customers, but our investment decisions guarantee we are well equipped enough so that on any given site we deliver the right attitude, the right equipment, and the right personnel.

Our aim is to continue driving forward in the road sweeping industry, give continued commitment to serving our customers with professional, fully trained operatives, together with the latest technology and equipment, providing a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly service.

Daniel Griffith places great importance on its environment and its vision is to ensure it plays a part in the protection and long-term sustainability of the natural world.
Our aim is to minimize the environmental impact of our product and services, and to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.